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Acrylic processing - Showcase your Products

Representative high quality products are displayed in commercial shops, supermarkets or in retail chains. With our expertise, we can process acrylics up to a material thickness of 20 mm.

State of the Art machinery and Technical staff

Acrylic processing

Our competitive advantage combines both technology and industry expertise to produce a customized solution
for our customers.

How do we work with acrylic?

For unprocessed acrylic sheets we cut the matching pieces to your specifications and process these parts further by gluing, lasers or bending - on a fully automated bending machine.

Where can you find our acrylic products?

When you go through a fair or attend a seminar, you will see representative products including brochure stands or business card cases. While shopping, you will notice poster stands prices.

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Feel free to contact our Marketing Department for technical information and price quotations.