Profile Extrusion – customized plastic profiles in any desired shape


Our advantage – Expertise in full project management from inception to completion with our experienced technical team.

Typical applications for our plastic profiles

The list of products where you will find our profiles are extensive. Our profiles include shop-fitting, refrigeration engineering, furniture, automotive, construction, electronics, printing, screw and nail industry - often tailored to the respective application.

Data strips

Clamping rails

Technical profiles

Hollow profiles

What does the production process look like?

Once the profile is defined, we will produce the appropriate tool and define the composition of the material (thermoplastic). Next, an original pattern will be painted with the matching color formulation. Upon your approval, the job goes into production according to your specifications.

Production methods


Typically, the plastic profiles are fabricated from a single material. Plastic profiles can also be produced in several colors or materials. With our modern production facilities we manufacture the highest quality in single, double or triple extrusion to obtain a profile with up to 3 different colorations and materials. Typical examples of these applications are sophisticated designs in counters, shop-fitting and trade fair construction.

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